Recent Submissions

  • Textual Demoscene 

    Marecki, Piotr (2015-02-27)
    The demoscene is a mainly European subculture of computer programmers, whose programs generate computer art in real time. The aim of this report is to attempt a description of the textual dimension of the demoscene. The ...
  • New Novel Machines: Nanowatt and World Clock 

    Montfort, Nick (2014-12-19)
    My Winchester’s Nightmare: A Novel Machine (1999) was developed to bring the interactor’s input and the system’s output together into a texture like that of novelistic prose. Almost fifteen years later, after an electronic ...
  • Stickers as a Literature-Distribution Platform 

    Marecki, Piotr (2014-12-19)
    Contemporary experimental writing often directs its attention to its writing space, its medium, the material on which it is presented. Very often this medium is meaningful and becomes part of the work – the printed text ...

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