The MIT Geospatial Data Center consists of the MIT Geonumerics Group, MIT Auto-ID Laboratory, MIT Intelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory, and MIT Center for Grid Computing. For many years, our MIT team has engaged in numerous projects (e.g. Sensor Event Handling, Event Aggregation, EPC Supply Chain, RFID End-to-End Security, RFID Network Simulator Coordination and Discovery Services, Event Aggregation, and Live Simulation Mapping Agent, et al), which have now culminated in an unique ability for our MIT GeoSpatial Data Center to effectuate the next generation open source geospatial platform. The MIT GeoSpatial Platform will provide more granular analytic capabilities and faster processing for complex queries by utilizing parallel processing capabilities (grid computing, GPU, and multicore). With our extensive large scale simulation experience in collaborating with the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (NISAC) to address scalability and speed factors, which often beset traditional off-the-shelf open source GIS platforms, we look forward to actively contributing to the geospatial capabilities for the community-at-large.

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