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  • Draft OpenMTA 11 June 2017, for comment 

    Kahl, Linda (2017-08-24)
    The Open Material Transfer Agreement (OpenMTA) is designed to allow researchers to share materials on an open basis while working within the practical realities of technology transfer. Our goal it to help reduce transaction ...
  • Should We Synthesize A Human Genome? 

    Endy, Drew; Zoloth, Laurie (2016-05-10)
    Given that human genome synthesis is a technology that could be used to completely redefine the core of what now joins all of humanity together as a species, we argue that discussions of making such capacities real, like ...
  • Cellular Computing, ISAT Summer Study, August 1996 

    Knight, Thomas; Matsudaira, Paul (2016-01-27)
    Create and exploit a novel technology for information processing and manufacturing by controlling processes in living cells.

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